What is Website Builder Software?

Website builder software is utilized to construct websites without manual code editing. This system consists of two main categories:

Online proprietary products provided by web hosting vendors. These can be utilized by users to create their private site. Some companies let the site owner to install alternative commercial or open source tools. Complex solutions of this type are also called Content Management Systems.

Offline software operates on a computer and creates and publishes web pages on any host. These are regarded as website design software rather than website builders.

Online website builders require users to register with the web hosting provider. The range of services includes creating basic personal web pages and social network content and extends to creating complete eCommerce and business websites. The chief advantage of an online website builder is it is fast and simple to use, and does not require prior experience.

Offline web builders are meant for professional web designers who need to build pages for more than one web host or client. They need at least a rudimentary knowledge of CSS and HTML. Offline builders are more flexible than online builders, but more pricey. However, there are a few free open source website builders and those that present a freemium license model.

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